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Privacy statement for Sylwia Broom Counselling & Psychotherapy in Guildford

Enquires submitted through the contact form are sent directly to me by email and then deleted from the WebHealer systems. They are retained only until the WebHealers are confident they have been successfully delivered.

A standard email contact form only captures an enquirer's name and email address along with IP address of the computer used to make the request. No cookies are captured.

Until the introduction of the Social ColourMax design platform WebHealer websites did not use cookies as standard for any other purpose than to remember your login. No personal information was captured. If you have used Facebook or Twitter clicks or any other plugins then information will be captured by Facebook and Twitter or the respective plugin supplier. You should check with these suppliers on what cookies they use. As Social ColourMax comes with Facebook, Twitter and AddThis plugins as standard, all Social ColourMax based websites have a cookie page link in the footer which summarises the cookies used by these plugins.

I will delete your email/text after your first contact unless you would like to make an appointment, in which case I will retain your email/ text message including your name and phone number until after you have attended your initial consultation, in case I need to contact you about your appointment.

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